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If you want to try ubuntu , but prefer a different desktop than unity, jack wallen shows you how you can install the latest iteration of gnome shell () and. An easy and elegant way to use your computer, gnome 3 is designed to put you in control and get things done. I love to use ubuntu but i hate the unity desktop so want an ubuntu system. Ubuntu gnome is an official ubuntu flavor, built from the ubuntu repos and coupled tightly with gnome desktop.

I have installed and used ubuntu, and now i want to try the gnome desktop environment. Hai all i just want to know is there any difference between ubuntu and ubuntu gnome.

Formerly known as ubuntu gnome remix, the unity desktop provides great desktop integration but how well does the gnome version compete? It will be supported for 9 months, from april to january lts is the latest long-term support release.

Ubuntu gnome (formerly ubuntu gnome remix) is a linux distribution, distributed as free and open-source software. Official flavor of ubuntu, featuring the gnome desktop environment by default.

Oct 21,  · if you are feeling nostalgic, you can easily install unity in ubuntu here's how to do it.

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