Warring empire

Lorenzo de' medici was florentine statesman, ruler and patron of arts and letters, the most brilliant of the medici. T'kuvma (klingonese spelling: tiquvma) was a 23rd century klingon warrior, leader of his house. During his tenure as majestor of the empire, d'ken killed vulcan's mother katherine summers (also.

The war with babylon, the great and abominable, began before the world was formed and continues through all ages of time. The biblical king solomon was known for his wisdom, his wealth and his writings. Another shi’ar threat comes from an x-men villain called vulcan.

Eastern zhou ( - bc) spring & autumn period ( - bc) warring states period ( - bc) after the capital was sacked by barbarians from the west, the.

An empire is defined as "an aggregate of nations or people ruled over by an emperor or other powerful sovereign or government, usually a territory of greater extent.

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